You asked for it…so here it is:

There will be ONE open-seating 2 Day Power Plotting retreat this fall.

September 24-26, 2010

NOTE – Maximum number of attendees is TEN, no exceptions.
Open seating means you can sign up as an individual so you don’t have to organize a group.

This is the ONLY other 2 Day Power Plotting retreat offered this year except for the April 30th cruise…but, as they say, that ship has sailed.

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Unpublished writers –

Have you hit the point where you’re stuck in your story?

Have you gotten rejections praising your voice, characters, story concept with no offer to resubmit?

Have you completed a manuscript that isn’t getting requested?


Published authors –

Do you need to find a more efficient way to create strong stories in a timely manner?

Do you want to write a bigger, more emotional story?

Do you need a simple way to find plot holes?

Award-winning author Mary Buckham and NYT best seller Dianna Love are national speakers who teamed up to create the highly successful Break Into Fiction® Template Teaching Series, which is now out in a book. While developing this, they created a powerful CHARACTER-DRIVEN plotting program. These relatively new authors know the frustration of those trying to write a sellable manuscript and the equally difficult task of continuing to do so in this competitive market.

Unpublished writers attend their Power Plotting retreats to find out what it takes to push their story to hum with potential. Multi-published mass market authors have attended to find a more efficient way to pull together the key elements for their next big story. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner was impressed enough to offer Mary and Dianna a cover quote for their new book – Break Into Fiction®: 11 Steps to Building a Story that Sells.

See what attendees are saying about what they gained from our Plot YOUR Book in 2 Days Retreats:

“I want to thank you for the dedication and quality that you put into this workshop/retreat.  As a beginner writer, I really appreciate that you embraced those at my level as well as more experienced writers.  After only 2 hours on the first day, my writing colleague and friend thanked me heartily for encouraging her to attend the workshop.  I will sing your praises and direct my other writing colleagues to your retreat. !”
~~ Elaine Gray,  pre-published writer

“I did, indeed, plot a novel in two days. I didn't really believe that would happen.”
~~ Kaye George – Award-winning short story author

"I used to think I was good at plotting -- but this past (retreat) weekend made me realize I've been guilty of a more complicated version of the 'one damned thing after another' plot.  I'm stunned at how well an entire story arc came together in just two days.  I'm eager, now, to apply the templates to the books I've been revising for -- mm -- ever, I think.  I suspect I'll discover I've been revising the wrong bits for the wrong reasons all this time."
~~ Marcella Burnard, pre-published writer

Due to her heavy travel and writing schedules, Mary will only offer one more open-seating two-day Plot Retreats at this time. September 24-26, 2010, a two-day Break Into Fiction® retreat in Longview, Long Island. More details at

However, if you have a group of 10 writers or less who want to host a private event please email and we’ll send you information about rates, group coordinator responsibility and scheduling.



Two intense days learning to PLOT while working on YOUR story. Mary will walk you through the BREAK INTO FICTION® templates and brainstorm ideas on your story. Mary will also be available the night before the two-retreat days, during meals and in the evenings after meals for private or group talks on other aspects of writing and/or the publishing business.

Maximum of 10 writers (no exceptions). *Note – there is no minimum so the flat rate fee still applies whether you have ten or less.

A nonrefundable deposit is required to guarantee a date for your Event. Mary has a limited number of dates available each year so the first step is to email to work out a date.

In addition to the teaching fee, Mary’s air travel, lodging and meals will be paid by Retreat participants (Mary flies out of Seattle’s SeaTac airport and will arrange her fight schedule).

For a Two-Day event, Mary will need lodging for three nights so that she can arrive the day before the event starts and fly out the day after the event ends. *For very long flights like to the east coast area she may need one more night lodging since it will take a full day to reach her destination.
For example if it is a two-day weekend Retreat to an area Mary can reach with a reasonable flight schedule (like Texas) she will fly in on Friday, teach Saturday and Sunday and fly out Monday. This requires three nights lodging and meals.

For a flat rate fee of $2000 USD plus airfare, transportation to and from airport, and accommodations, Mary Buckham can work with a small group of ten (or less) for an intense private Retreat with these terms:

Up to 10 participating writers maximum (no minimum).

A simple contract stating everything both parties agree to will be forwarded to “one” contact person upon request. This contact person for the group becomes the responsible party Mary will deal with once the contract is signed and a deposit is paid. It is up to the group to work out any terms between each other.

Once you have discussed a date by email with Mary you’ll have two weeks to pay a nonrefundable $500 deposit that must be received to guarantee your retreat date.

A second $500 payment is due 60 days prior to Event date - nonrefundable.

All money [including airfare] is paid as of 30 days prior to Event date and is nonrefundable.

As will be stated in the contract, a natural disaster in your area or Mary’s will allow for rescheduling.




*Please note – Published or Unpublished may take advantage of this, but if you are unpublished I will ask for some pages in advance so that you are ready to do this as this is not for a brand new writers.

CRITIQUE OF PARTIAL (within 6 months after retreat)
Or, if this is for a published author, CRITIQUE of 3-page synopsis/outline

I do not guarantee that you will sell your story since there is no one, not even an agent or editor, who can guarantee that. However, I will give your story the same time and attention and expertise that I have given to authors on stories that went on to debut on the New York Times and USA Today Best sellers list.


Published writers - Contact me to discuss scheduling and include an ISBN of your latest Book in print (not an e-book format). You will need to supply a one page premise and a page of back story on your protagonist (or protagonists if a romance).

Writers not yet published in print format – You need to have completed at least one novel of 70,000 + words. If so, send me the first ten pages of that story and up to 3 pages of synopsis. * These pages are only to show me your writing – I will not be critiquing them. Once I read your pages, I can let you know if I think you will benefit by what I have to share. I don’t want you spending time and money until you can take full advantage of this program. It’s not for the faint of heart, but someone who is ready to push their writing up to a higher level.

I will either work with you in Port Townsend, WA where I live or I will meet you in Seattle at a hotel near the airport or I will come to your city. See below for total cost depending on where we meet.


The cost for this two-day program of exclusive time that will include discussions on any publishing topic during meals - $1250

Once I have reserved a date to work with you, you will have one week to pay 50% to hold that date. The 50% balance is due no later than one month in advance of the date.
• If you have to reschedule I will work out a new reservation date for you. If you cancel any time up until one month prior to your scheduled time, you will receive what you have paid less 25%.
• There is no refund for canceling within one month of your reserved date, but you can reschedule.
• If you do not pay the 50% deposit within a week of being given notice of your reservation date, you may lose that date.


• You are responsible for your travel costs or for mine if I come to you.
• If you come to Port Townsend, WA there will be no additional travel cost for me.
• If you want me to meet you in Seattle, WA there will be an additional $200 to cover my expenses.
• If I come to your city, the additional cost of my flight, hotel and any hired transportation will be agreed upon in advance and these costs will be paid no later than one month prior to the reserved date, in addition to the 50% deposit.
• NOTE – If I come to your city, this reserved date can only include one more person IF that is your writing partner. If you have a writing friend who would like to book two additional days while I’m in your city to work in their book – they will need to complete the qualification guidelines above prior to discussing a reservation date.

The point of this program is to help those writers who are “so close to publishing, but not able to push over the edge” or published authors who want to write bigger books. Or someone who just needs a strong brainstorm partner who is ready for this program.


For any questions, contact Mary at .



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