Join USA Today Best Selling Author, Mary Buckham for a 2 Day Power Plotting Retreat in 2015!

NOTE – Maximum number of attendees is TWELVE, no exceptions.

Unpublished writers –

Have you hit the point where you’re stuck in your story?

Have you gotten rejections praising your voice, characters, story concept with no offer to resubmit?

Have you completed a manuscript that isn’t getting requested?

Published authors –

Do you need to find a more efficient way to create strong stories in a timely manner?

Do you want to write a bigger, more emotional story?

Do you need a simple way to find plot holes?

Unpublished writers attend their Power Plotting retreats to find out what it takes to push their story to hum with potential. Multi-published mass market authors have attended to find a more efficient way to pull together the key elements for their next big story. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winner was impressed enough to offer Mary and Dianna a cover quote for their book – Break Into Fiction®: 11 Steps to Building a Powerful Story.

See what attendees are saying about what they gained from our Plot YOUR Book in 2 Days Retreats:

“I want to thank you for the dedication and quality that you put into this workshop/retreat. As a beginner writer, I really appreciate that you embraced those at my level as well as more experienced writers. After only 2 hours on the first day, my writing colleague and friend thanked me heartily for encouraging her to attend the workshop. I will sing your praises and direct my other writing colleagues to your retreat!”
~~ Elaine Gray, pre-published writer
“I did, indeed, plot a novel in two days. I didn't really believe that would happen.”
~~ Kaye George – Now a multi-published Mystery author
"I used to think I was good at plotting -- but this past (retreat) weekend made me realize I've been guilty of a more complicated version of the 'one damned thing after another' plot. I'm stunned at how well an entire story arc came together in just two days. I'm eager, now, to apply the templates to the books I've been revising for -- mm -- ever, I think. I suspect I'll discover I've been revising the wrong bits for the wrong reasons all this time."
~~ Marcella Burnard – Now a multi-published UF author

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